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  • Gentoo Creatures Overlay

    This is a collection of Gentoo ebuilds relating to the Creatures (Wiki) artificial life game.

    To add this repository under layman, use the command `layman -o http://svn.possumism.net/creatures/scripts/creatures-overlay.xml -a creatures -s creatures` or add http://svn.possumism.net/creatures/scripts/creatures-overlay.xml to your config and run `layman -a creatures -s creatures` To update, run `layman -s creatures` or `layman -S` (the latter updates ALL repositories)

    To ease the burden of unmasking packages, you can easily make a symlink to the provided package.keywords. Please see scripts/package.keywords.creatures for details.

    Feel free to browse the repository at http://svn.possumism.net/creatures/

    Happy emerging!

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